Smash Club’s second tournament of 2018


Jahan Razavi

On March 30, clicks and music could be heard from the student union. MVHS Smash Club had its second tournament of the 2018 semester. Students from all grades showed up to test their skills against one another. Smash is a multiplayer game where up to four people can play each other with the ultimate goal of eliminating the others.

An addition of a projector for playing was not the only change present this tournament. Students who were not interested in playing Smash could also opt for a recreational game of Mario Party 8, set up by junior Angus Jyu. There were two brackets for the tournament, one for Super Smash Bros Melee and one for Super Smash Bros on Wii U. Melee is a game for the Nintendo GameCube that came out in 2001, while Wii U came out in 2014. The game for the Wii U added many new characters that were not found in previous iterations. The overall winners were usernames 2zhangzz and clarmar, or senior David Zhang and physics teacher, Michael Lordan. Check below for photos of the tournament.




After school on March 30, students from different grades in MVHS played one another in different matches and different games in the student union. Amid clicks from the joysticks and frantic presses of buttons, they fought one another to determine the victor of the two brackets. Photos by Jahan Razavi.