Smash Club’s first tournament of the year

Zara Iqbal

Smash Club held its first tournament of the year on Jan. 26. Players from all grades met in the student union to test their skills in both friendly battles and battles for rankings. On five different TVs, two versions of Smash were played: Super Smash Bros Melee and Super Smash Bros for Wii U. Although noncompetitive battles started directly after school, the tournament itself officially began at 4:45. Students trickled in, whether they were in the club or not, all looking to test their skills against other players. The final battles for Smash 4 were between senior Brian Huang and physics teacher Michael Lordanthey played best out of five. In the first three rounds, Huang won. For Melee, the two final competitors were seniors Forest Yang and Ryan Loke. At the end of the battles, Loke was the winner, making him and Huang the two winners of the Smash tournament.