Homemade Hipster: Poke bowl


Jennie Chen

With so many ingredients and flavors, poke seems like a complex dish to make. But as long as you have some time and good quality ingredients, you can make great poke at home. There’s little to no cooking required, and the poke bowl is easily customizable — feel free to add creamy mayo, sriracha or other sauces to add more flavor to the dish.


  • 1/2 lb sushi-grade tuna
  • 1 knob of ginger
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1 green onion
  • 1 red onion
  • 1 1/2 tablespoon sesame oil
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 avocado sliced
  • 1/2 a lemon
  • salt
  • 2 cups rice
  • 1/4 rice wine vinegar
  • 1/3 cup soy sauce
  • 1 tablespoon sesame seeds (plus more for garnish)
  • 1 tablespoon furikake (plus more for garnish)


  1. Cube 1/2 a pound of sushi-grade ahi tuna and place into bowl
  2. Mince 2 garlic cloves, 1 knob of ginger and 1 jalapeno and add into bowl
  3. Add in 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, rice vinegar and sesame oil
  4. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into the bowl
  5. Add in 1 tablespoon of furikake and 1/2 a tablespoon of sesame seeds
  6. Mix ingredients well
  7. Slice 1 green onion and 1/2 of a red onion and add to the bowl
  8. Put bowl in fridge and let poke marinate for 2 hours
  9. To quickly make pickled cucumbers: slice 1 cucumber, add 2 tablespoons of salt, 2 tablespoons of rice vinegar, 1 tablespoon sesame oil and 1 tablespoon furikake. Let it sit in fridge for an hour
  10. Cook white rice
  11. Slice avocado, red onion, green onion and jalapeno
  12. Scoop rice into bowl, add poke and sliced jalapeno, red onions, avocado and chopped green onion on side
  13. Garnish with sesame seeds and furikake