It’s Unproven


Sara Entezarmahdi

Conspiracy theories come in different forms. Some are deemed trivial and far-fetched, others not so much. These theories remain unproven and debatable, though it doesn’t stop people from all around the globe to hold them to be true. MVHS students decide for themselves what they choose to believe in — no matter how far-fetched.

The CIA killed JFK
Sophomore Mia Yang
“My conspiracy theory is about the assassination of JFK. Basically, when the CIA did an investigation, the lead detective of the CIA said ‘there were three shots fired,’ but later, when the FBI reexamined it, they discovered that there were four shots total. For four shots to hit JFK and actually fatally wound him, the chances were actually really low. And the angle that Lee Harvey Oswald, the guy who supposedly killed JFK, [it] wasn’t a good shot to begin with. Second of all, the angle in which he was shooting was very unlikely [to actually] hit JFK. And when the FBI tried to run scenarios in which the bullet would end up hitting JFK, they discovered that out of the four shots total, one of the shots came from a completely opposite direction, meaning that it might not have even been Lee Harvey Oswald. Since the lead investigation guy of the CIA was like ‘it’s three shots,’ people believed that it might have been the CIA that orchestrated JFK’s death … and that they framed Lee Harvey Oswald even though he had no previous record of hating on JFK. [Even though] he did have previous records; like a couple months before the assassination of JFK, he [made] an assassination attempt, so he had a trackrecord which made it easier for the CIA to blame him. So basically, Lee Harvey Oswald may not have killed the president JFK but the CIA might have.”

Rothschild Banks
Junior Anirudh Chaudharyscreen-shot-2016-12-13-at-11-26-10-am

“The most interesting one is the Rothschild conspiracy, where this guy, his last name is Rothschild, owns huge banks and pretty much what sparked this conspiracy was there were three countries that didn’t have his banks in that country, one of them was Syria, but coincidentally right after the U.S. invaded those countries Rothschild got banks under his name, so it’s more of an interesting coincidence than anything else. Usually coincidence isn’t the same as causation, so sure it’s interesting that these two things, or two events are related and it’s suspicious, but I wouldn’t believe them until he literally said ‘Oh, yeah, I sent people there to kill people, so I have my bank.’ They’re interesting hypothesis, but they shouldn’t be taken as truth. Some of them are worth future investigating.”

Living in a lie
Junior Mayank Singamareddy

screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-11-26-22-am “Well I don’t know if it’s a conspiracy theory because it’s actually true, and we live in a computer simulation. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, is actually the one who gave me this idea and what he says is, because of the way that technology has progressed, we can see that a civilization begins. So when it eventually creates a technological point at which it can create other universes, it would do so. Which means that there is a very high chance that we’re actually living in a computer simulation of our own. Also, I believe that the U.S. government election is rigged and that they give us these two choices of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to make it look like we have a choice, but in reality, they’re both under the government control and we’re in fact exposed to government propaganda and that there’s no way that the voting numbers are actually real… I don’t listen to all of the conspiracy theories I hear because that would make me insane, right?”