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Homecoming: A change to the year

Homecoming: a traditional American high school event dedicated to returning students and incoming freshman, along with a new start to the school year.

Each year in October, one week is devoted to different activities revolving around the event, including dance performances, talent shows and the Homecoming rally. This year, however, MVHS leadership took a twist in the overall structure of how the events were set up.

Despite the usual food drives, performances and class t-shirts, there was a change to this year’s Homecoming week: skits. After third period, a 20 minute period was set aside for each class to perform a skit, which also incorporated dances. Each comedy sketch represented their class theme, “Tomorrowland”, “Fantasyland”, ”Adventureland” and “Carsland”, along with backdrops that matched the story. Voiceovers were included, where the actors lip synced on the spot to a script that was either read by ASB members or students of the same class, or of a recording behind the backdrops.

Junior Priscilla Siow admired the idea of incorporating dances, however, she believed the skits weren’t appealing and were difficult to comprehend.

“For the first couple of days, the skits were kind of confusing [because] I couldn’t follow the storyline,” Siow said. “I did like how everyone [in the audience] was really enthusiastic and how [leadership] incorporated dances.”

Junior class treasurer Ashley Chang, explained how skits and dance performances allowed people to participate with a variety of options. Dancing, acting or simply being a part of one’s class community increased the opportunity to get involved.

“We thought [skits and dances] would allow more people to be able to participate more directly. [You can] participate in the skit, and [you can] also [participate] in the dance,” Chang said. “People who are interested in any of those, whether it’s artistic, acting or just having fun as a class, skit and dances let more people do that.”

Because of this major change, adjustments were necessary for the school schedule. This year, Homecoming week eliminated tutorial and shortened periods by five minutes. Since it was used as an effective time to get tasks done, senior Vincent Kao and sophomore Soham Mukherjee discussed the conflict it took on their schedules and the amount of time taken away.

“I like the skits, but there was no tutorial, and I used tutorial a lot.” Mukherjee said.

“This year I have a free second, [so] I can plan ahead [because] I have tutorial right after, but [because of Homecoming week] I can’t,” Kao said. “The good thing is, I have 40 minutes of free time and classes are shorter.”

In previous years, quad decs were also a significant part of Homecoming. Before, decorations made up a memorable part of the experience. Senior Matthew Ho mentions the excitement in this year’s change, as there is always something to look forward to the next day. Quad decs however, were consistent, and didn’t encourage much diversity.

“I think [Homecoming this year] is more exciting because there’s something exciting everyday instead of the quad decs, where it’s like ‘oh look, quad decs’, [but] now this year everything is different”, Ho said.

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