Online paperwork accelerates Running of the Bulls


Brighton Balfrey

Each year, Running of the Bulls signals the end of summer. Students set their alarm clocks and get to school early in hopes of switching a class or getting a free period. And this year, just like the past years, students filed in seemingly endless lines to check in and get their ID photo taken.

In the past, students printed out forms and handed them in during Running of the Bulls. But this year, changes were made to the way paperwork was collected. Instead of having to fill out all of their paperwork by hand, most students and parents opted to fill out their forms online.

According to a survey of 75 MVHS students, 67.6% said that the online paperwork was straightforward, and 86.7% said that having online paperwork is a good idea.

Students responses to survey.

“It was a success,” senior Bhushan Balagar said, ASB class officer.

Balagar has volunteered at Running of the Bulls in the past, and thought this year’s improvements made the process more efficient. Although there were four hours allocated to each session, Balagar says most students had already gone through the process after two hours.

Diana Goularte, the executive assistant to the principal, worked the check in at Running of the Bulls.

“The check in process was much faster because the volunteers only had to check to make sure the documents were submitted online” said Goularte.

Goularte said the administration received positive feedback from parents for the online paperwork. The digital paperwork proved to be beneficial to the administration as well.

They are so much easier to read because everything is printed in. There is much less chance of making a mistake by not being able to read someone’s writing.” Executive assistant to principal diana Goularte

The switch to online paperwork can have more implications for the future as well. Goularte indicated that she believes the time slots for Running of the Bulls will be shortened next year.

“It seemed like each session was done a lot faster than the time allotted for each session,” Goularte said. “Next year we can even allow a shorter time slot.”