Meet the new 2016-17 ASB officer team


Amanda Chan

Co-written by Nanda Nayak


ASB President Malika Singh

El Estoque: What’s the most rewarding thing about being in Leadership?

Malika Singh: “To see the smiles and happiness that comes from the events that we put on, like the rallies — just to see how people are so hyped up, to be able to give that to someone is one of the most rewarding feelings ever.”

EE: What experience will you bring to the ASB team next year?

MS: “Along with being sophomore and junior class president, I’ve been a part of the Saratoga Youth Commission and for the past year I’ve been board member of California Association of Student Leaders, which is a leadership organization which branches all throughout California and tries to network and create support for all leadership students in California. And I think that something I’ve learned from leadership, and all of these leadership roles that I’ve held is time management. And I think that time management, that experience, that personal growth will be able to help with leading the whole school next year.”

ASB Vice President Vanshika Desaiasb vp

EE: Why did you decide to run for ASB?

Vanshika Desai: “One thing that I really admire about ASB is that it’s not just catered to the class, you’re catering to the whole school. I feel like one big problem at MVHS is stress and competition, and I really want to help improve that. I think it’s so important to make the most out of high school, and what I love about Leadership is that you organize a lot of events that don’t have to do with academics, and I feel like that is equally important as academics, if not more. Because in eight years, you’re going to remember stuff like Prom, you’re not going to remember how bad or good you did on that Chemistry test.”

EE: How do you feel about being in ASB next year?

VD: “I’ve been in class office for three years, so I’ve kind of gotten used to jobs and responsibilities, so I’m really excited for the new responsibilities. I know it’s going to be a lot of work, but I’m really excited to incorporate my ideas in a bigger way. I love being a class officer, but I think I’m ready to be an ASB officer.”

asb secretaryASB Secretary Maddie Park

EE: What are your goals for next year?

Maddie Park: “We’re going to try to see if we can break some traditions. I really feel like people are starting to get tired of some of the same old same old, so trying to bring in new creative ideas and reaching out to students to see what they think would be a good idea.”

EE: What have you learned from being in Leadership?

MP:“I think I’ve learned a lot about the importance of reaching out to other people because older leadership students reached out to me and that’s what I’ve always aspired to be since then, and I try to take on that role as I get older.”

ASB Treasurer Alex Maertensasb treasurer

EE: How did you feel running for ASB?

Alex Maertens: “I was excited. I was pretty confident, just because it was my third year running unopposed. So there was not a whole lot to lose, but it was good putting myself out there again.”

EE: What is your biggest goal for next year?

AM: “For MVHS, my biggest goal as an officer is to promote school unity and to create a positive space where students feel comfortable expressing themselves, being spirited, doing what they love. So my main job is to make sure that they’re feeling safe and if they have something, their voice [gets heard].”

idc picASB IDC Representative Christina Schuler

EE: Why did you decide to run for IDC Representative?

CS: “I love the IDC program so much. I think it’s so great that we have the opportunity to reach out to the other FUHSD schools and bring them together and see what’s different there and what we can bring back here to improve our school, as well as talk to the board. There was no other way for me to be part of that without being ASB IDC. As much as I do love the rallies and all the events on school, I think that there’s more. I always feel like are some things bigger than just our school.”

EE: What is your biggest goal next year?

CS: “For MVHS, my biggest hopes for ASB is to really get that student input and use it. Because I feel like right now, we’re getting student input but a lot of times we disregard it or we don’t really know how to give it to them. I want to branch out and try different things, like tradition’s great, but I want to try events that we’ve never done before and have it be this new year with a lot of crazy awesome things in it.”

EE: What is the most rewarding part about Leadership?

CS: “Getting involved on campus is one of the greatest ways to enjoy your high school time. My life changed so much from freshman year to sophomore year when I started to get involved in leadership and school activities. It may seem like grades are more important, but I think when you look back on high school, you’re going to remember going to Junior Prom with your friends or cheering at that rally and losing your voice, over getting a B on that one test.”

ASB Social Manager Bhushan Balagarsocial manager

EE: Why did you run for ASB?

Bhushan Balagar: “For the past two years, I’ve been a class officer and I’ve really loved the experiences because being part of leadership means a lot to me. I really like to be part of the group of students that organizes different events on campus because it feels really good to make these events happen. When they look back on high school, these are the memories they’re going to remember, and it feels really good for me to be part of making this happen.”

EE: What’s your biggest goal for next year?

BB: “My main goal for next year would be to bring more recognition to the student body. Because in Homecoming court, for example, you recognize the people that got voted. There’s so many different types of unique people on campus — people who make the yearbook, people in El Estoque, people in different clubs, sports. And these people often go unrecognized even though they do a lot of great things. So this year, definitely one of my focuses would be to bring more recognition [to these people].”