Super Bowl 50: A look at how to throw a party, fan opinions and analyst predictions


Pranav Iyer

It’s Feb. 7. Super Bowl Sunday. The day everyone has been anticipating for an entire year. After a crazy finish to last year’s game, fans are hoping for the same level as excitement this year. As part of the week leading up to the Big Game, El Estoque captured the voices of a variety of different sources. Learn how to throw a Super Bowl Party, read analyst predictions for the game, find out who people are rooting for and why die-hard fans have traveled thousands of miles to take in the spectacular atmosphere of Super Bowl XLIX.

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“Super Bowl 50b” by Charles Lyons-Pardue used under CC 2.0.

Co-reported by Pranav Iyer, Kalpana Gopalkrishnan, Vivian Chiang, Vanessa Qin, Aditya Krishnan.