How much do you really know about sex?

Isabel Navarrete

Co-written by Itay Barylka

Sexual education in high schools has long been the subject of controversy. WIth the far left leaning towards extremely liberated and informative standards and the far right advocating abstinence-only sex ed, there is a vast rift between the priorities of the two distinct political factions in the United States. Often, there seems to be a direct conflict between effective sexual education and allowing parents to feel like their children are still innocent and unviolated. Even in circumstances where sex ed goes beyond abstinence-only teachings, students don’t always retain the information that could one day be crucial to not only their health, but also others’. This issue is far too complicated to discuss in a brief article, so we decided to instead allow MVHS students to test their own knowledge of sexual education. Take the quiz below to see what you remember.