Drama department continues their annual tradition of Santa’s Workshop


Anushka Tyagi

The tradition of Santa’s Worshop has been going on for several years and as drama department sets up for the big event, they share a few highlights of their experiences.

Senior Emaan Khan:

“Every year we decorate the black box with lights and bows and christmas decorations and the teachers bring their kids. Santa comes in a fire truck they meet Santa, and Santa brings them over here. We have a cookie decorating station. We have an arts and crafts table where they can make little christmas crafts. Santa will be sitting on that chair reading to them and giving them presents and taking photos. It’s really interactive for the kids and it makes them all happy.”


Junior Sithara Menon:

“It’s really cool to see all the kid’s faces when they see Santa come in this big truck. They light up and get really happy and it’s gratifying to see how happy they are. I think it’s really fun to hangout with little kids and make them smile and laugh. I personally really like seeing Santa come on his truck that makes me really happy.”