Unique family traditions emerge during Thanksgiving


Shriya Deshpande

Thanksgiving Day conjures up images of elaborately decorated tables, laden with a large turkey and other dishes and beverages. Some families celebrate a traditional Thanksgiving and others do not treat it differently than any other normal day.

IMG_7810Junior Ankita Agarwal explains how her family combines a traditional Thanksgiving meal with an Indian twist.

“Every year we rotate whose house it is. Last year, we went down to Monterey and it’s like a potluck. We don’t really eat turkey but we eat potatoes and other fancy Indian food dishes. We have mango pie and Indian vegetables and we just spend time with my family.”

IMG_7812Junior Bennett Zhang and his family celebrate a traditional Thanksgiving each year.

“We bake turkey every year…green bean casserole, potatoes; we make all sort of Thanksgiving things. I love Thanksgiving because it’s near my birthday and there’s lots of food…One time we made a turkey and it was really hot. I was carrying it to the table but then I dropped it on the ground.”

IMG_7807Biology teacher Pooya Hajjarian explains why this year, the family Thanksgiving celebration will be slightly different.

“The tradition is to get together, somewhere, as a family. My mom has the biggest house…It’s  always been sort of like a potluck. This year, my older brother and I are in charge of one of the  turkeys because we have that many people coming…I’ve never made a turkey before. Prior to my dad passing away, he always made the turkey, so in honor of my dad, my brother and I want to make a turkey like the one he used to make.”