Blue Pearl ticket sales decline


Aanchal Garg

As the end of the semester inches closer, MVHS celebrates with their annual Blue Pearl, a swing
themed dance with live jazz and a catered meal. With a professional ballroom dancer to teach students how to swing dance, Blue Pearl differs greatly from other dances at MVHS. However, ticket sales have been gradually decreasing because of the price tag and the lack of popularity among students. Senior Carrie Bullard states that their ticket goal is 200 tickets, but so far have only sold about 70 the day before the dance.

Blue Pearl Tickets
During lunch this week, Blue Pearl tickets were sold for $20 each in the office. The price included the costs for food, entertainment and decorations. Photo used with permission from Heidi Chan.

“People are not really wanting to buy because it’s so expensive,” Bullard said. “You’re buying dinner, dance lessons, entrance to a dance, and drinks and desserts. That’s something that we don’t really get at homecoming, which is $5 or $10.”

Senior Carrie Bullard
Senior Carrie Bullard sells tickets in the office during lunch. Bullard is a part of organizing Blue Pearl. Photo by Aanchal Garg.

According to Bullard, the lack of attendance is also because of unawareness. Leadership is still trying to efficiently promote such events to raise attendance.

“Half of the school doesn’t really know what we’re trying to do,” Bullard said. “A lot of people just don’t really know enough to say, ‘Yes I want to go’ or ‘I don’t want to go’,”

Junior Anish Krishnan feels that because of the price and the lack of promotion, the student interest has decreased for the 50s themed dance.

“It’s still kind of expensive, $20. At least with an ASB it should be like $10, but I know they give dinner and stuff, so maybe $15,” Krishnan said.
Krishnan advises leadership to promote where everyone would see it and be aware of the event, whether through School Loop or promoting it more at school to raise awareness about the dance, especially among the lowerclassmen.