Seniors share education apps they wish they had when they were freshmen


Itay Barylka

Senior Ali Zaidi: Piazza

“‘When [Physics teacher Jim] Birdsong first introduced it to us he called it ‘Facebook for nerds,’ which I kind of agree with. It’s basically a forum where you post questions about the material that you have and other students and the instructor can answer them. I like it because it’s a quick way to get answers if people are on it and it’s a good way to connect with your instructor because it’s an easy way to communicate with them.”

Senior Eric Zhang: Facebook

“Facebook itself isn’t very educational, but when you talk to friends and get them to help you with concepts you don’t understand, it helps a lot with how you do in school. Facebook groups for classes help a lot too because usually a lot of people have the same question and a lot of people have the answers, so it helps to have a place where those questions can be answered straight away.”

Senior Vidhi Tibrewala

“I use Forest, which is an app that basically plants a tree somewhere in the world. I set a timer and as long as that timer is going, I am working towards that tree. If I go on my phone or cancel that timer it warns me really quickly and if I don’t go back to the app right away it kills the tree. It’s an app that helps you plant trees and manage your time really well. You’re actually actively contributing something towards the world, it’s not just like, ‘Oh, let me get off my phone!’”