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The replacement of Musical.ly and Vine

The replacement of Musical.ly and Vine

Ayah Ali-Ahmad and Collin Qian

May 4, 2019

n app known for lip syncing and short sketch comedy videos, Musical.ly was once wildly popular. Towards the end of 2018, the company running the service shut down and merged with a new app, TikTok, where it conveniently transferred its data, profiles, videos and users. With 500 million monthly active u...

Technovation first-timers

Technovation members discuss during their team meeting. 

Photo taken by Ayah Ali-Ahmad

Ayah Ali-Ahmad

December 16, 2018

With business plans, app development training, Hackathons and 80 girls, the teams from the MVHS Technovation club have been eager to start preparing for their annual Technovation Challenge competition. Technovation is a club for girls to learn basic coding languages and app development skills by parti...

Pokémon Go: a common summer pastime

Senior Ruoyun Zheng played Pokémon Go in between breaks at her internship at Berkeley. Berkeley’s Sather Tower is a poke stop many players frequent. First photo used with permission by Ruoyun Zheng. “Creative commons UC Berkeley Tower” John Loo

Jessica Xing

August 31, 2016

Written by Dylan Tsai and Jessica Xing  okémon was a huge part of senior Andrew Chang's childhood. He saw it evolve from the DVDs to Nintendo games to trading cards. Now, his love for Pokemon has been rekindled with the new app Pokémon Go. This summer, when Niantic released their app Pokémon ...

Seniors share education apps they wish they had when they were freshmen

Seniors share education apps they wish they had when they were freshmen

Itay Barylka

November 20, 2015

Senior Ali Zaidi: Piazza “‘When [Physics teacher Jim] Birdsong first introduced it to us he called it ‘Facebook for nerds,’ which I kind of agree with. It’s basically a forum where you post questions about the material that you have and other students and the instructor can answer them. I...