MVSNL brings audience to tears of laughter


Ilena Peng

Inside the auditorium, music played quietly in the background masked by the excited murmurs coming from the audience. As more and more viewers trickled in, it was hard to believe that it was only a Friday night show of Saturday Night Live.

Every year, the drama department dedicates hours of time to Monta Vista Saturday Night Live, a meticulously planned student-run show inspired by the original Saturday Night Live.

Even on a Friday night, the audience was almost full and laughter spread throughout the auditorium nearly every five minutes. The show offered a much needed time of relaxation for the stressed teachers and students in the audience.

When the curtain finally closed on Friday night, the cast gathered outside to talk to their friends, buzzing with anticipation about Saturday’s show.

Not surprisingly, the show was a hit with a full house on Saturday.

And although many of the skits were inspired by original SNL skits, the blend between student-written and original sketches maintains a personal touch that the audience can relate to. The enjoyable sketch “Irish Drinking Song” has a particularly quirky lyric: “My lit teacher gave me so much to read. If it wasn’t for Sparknotes I’d still have a C.” The show also featured people dressing up and mocking celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Zayn Malik. To add even more humor, non-offensive stereotypes commonly associated with Monta Vista were placed throughout the show – like sophomore Yang Yi Li’s character, who acted as Oliver in a fake Chinese accent in the sketch “Coach Hines Directs Oliver.”

Between all the quirky jokes, the show was two hours of side-cramp inducing laughter. Ever since the MVSNL auditions in August, each and every member beamed with?had a radiant energy. The amount of rehearsal that went into each segment since then was obvious and quite impressive.  Even after a month and a half of grueling rehearsals, the cast still continues to maintain that same energy, spreading smiles to the audience.

For those who missed the show or are looking to recall the hilarious skits, scroll through the photos below to read about each skit.