Homemade Hipster: Project Pinterest


ZaZu Lippert

Hipsters: the crowd that shows everyone up with their super cool, unique gifts, their impeccable style and exotic taste. If there’s one thing that hipsters love, it’s DIY (do-it-yourself, for the non-hipsters out there) projects. And what better place to look for one of these projects than Pinterest? We decided to try out one of these infamous DIYs and see if they really work.


Have you ever found yourself at a loss when trying to think of a gift that is thoughtful but within your budget? Learn to make a card that reveals a message when you scratch it in a few easy steps!




– a piece of thick paper and a pen and/or pencilMaterials

-a small to medium sized paintbrush

-a white crayon

-silver paint

-any decorating materials you want to use



Before starting, make a list of all of the things your friend or family member likes, and then narrow this list down to things you may be able to get for them, such as “one Jamba Juice,” or “one day of watching Netflix.” These
are the words that will appear as the “prizes” when the lottery ticket is scratched off.



Step 1

Pick a shape for the part that you will eventually scratch off that will have the prizes underneath. Leave some room at the top to write a message.




Step 2

Fill the paper with messages you want to be revealed after the scratching, like “you’ve won one super cool hipster friend who makes their own cards!”




Step 3

Then, grab your white crayon and color over the shape that you have drawn. Go over it twice just to make sure that you get it all covered.




Step 4

Finally, take the silver paint and brush a light coat over the shape. Let it dry. If you want, play some old music to get in the hipster zone while you wait.





Congratulations! You are officially a hipster. You’ve made your own lottery scratcher card!