Comparing and contrasting Donald Trump with Andrew Jackson

Tyler Lin

Donald Trump has caught the attention of many eyes and is making big headlines all over the news and media. He is famous for being extreme in his campaigning methods and even more famous for his hair but history has seen a very similar event around 200 years ago. Andrew Jackson was a former war hero who was running for President at the time and despite being the underdog, he eventually won the presidential election and became our nation’s seventh president. Trump and Jackson surprisingly share numerous similarities and differences.

On the issue of Trump’s Immigration Plan, many tend to criticize it of being a ridiculous plan of action, while on the other hand, there are also people who support it, but don’t dare voice their opinions, as they too would be subject to criticism. Finally there are the people who just do not care and do not want any part in political power struggles.

Sophomore Tyler Sun disagrees with Trump’s plan of action.

“[The Immigration Plan] sounds pretty stupid,” Sun said, ”because why do you need to deport all these people?”

Although most students opposed Trump’s plan, junior Cory Siu is ambivalent. Siu admits that “I have neutral feelings about it. If they get their citizenships, that’s really all that matters.”