MVHS On: Donald Trump


Vanessa Qin

Donald Trump is  a wealthy businessman and he isn’t afraid to show it, or even lie about it. But that’s all that he is, at least for now of course. He is also undoubtably one of the most polarizing political candidates of our time. His comments about Mexican immigrants, women, poor people, African Americans, Muslims, and Asians have cut what few ties he previously had with many groups of Americans. However, they have also fueled the sentiments of many other Americans who agree with his controversial views. Love him or hate him, it is undeniable that he is one of the few political candidates that speaks his mind. It almost seems as if he doesn’t have a filter. It is this exact strategy that has boosted him to the top of current polls, but what does Monta Vista’s student body think of this highly interesting man who seems to be all over the media these days?