Behind the food trucks of Off the Grid


Anushka Tyagi

Every Tuesday at 5 PM to 9 PM in the parking lot of Whole Foods across from De Anza College, music blasts and a colorful array of trucks sport food ranging from Duck Confit to Creme Brûlée. By 5:30, the lot is packed with hungry visitors taking in the music, the wonderful aromas, and most importantly, the wide variety of food. The range of food trucks include Paddy Wagon Sliders, Eggs on Everythang, Porky’s, We Sushi, Pluck, Lobsta Truck, Capelo’s Hill Country Barbeque, The Creme Brulee Cart, and Oaxacan Kitchen Mobile. Here is a behind the scenes glimpse of a few popular food trucks. 

Oaxacan Kitchen Mobile

Capelo’s Hill Country Barbecue


With the crowd of people ordering food and enjoying the music, an employee at the nearby Community Center shares his experience with Off the Grid.

Written and photographed by Anushka Tyagi, ZaZu Lippert, Jennie Chen, Priya Reddy, Issra Ossman and Vijeet Chaugule