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Badminton: Senior night dawns with 26-4 victory over Palo Alto High School



It rained on May 14, the day of the last badminton game.

As droplets fell from the sky and onto the campus of students taking the AP Economics test, it brewed an even darker mood. Time passed slowly. With bubbles to fill, seemingly as constant as the rain itself, many in the room wanted it to end.

But it seemed that none wanted it more than the seniors who would be stars in a matter of hours.

With the team awaiting in the field house, a legacy to celebrate and the anticipation of their final game, the seniors of the badminton team were tightly strung. Against Palo Alto High School, a school that both players and coaches alike claim to be a moderate opponent, there was only one more obstacle before the festivities.

The seniors of the 2015 badminton team salute the gathered teams in the field house on May 14. From right to left are members Jason Xu, Harrison Ding, Ray Zhang, Micaelia Sun, Ingrid Au, Jessica Chen, Karen Xu and Annie Wang.


The final game of the 2015 season was served on a silver platter only for the Matadors to smash back onto the court. With a final score of 26-4 against Palo Alto, the team ended with their seventh undefeated victory as they head into the CCS playoffs next week. Having been the league champions for over a decade, the team holds its expectations and racquets high as the tournament approaches.

“The varsity team did as expected,.” Coach Evan Blomquist said. “They’ve been champions for as long as I can remember.”

And they would have to be remembered as “champions” forever more. With their final and sweeping victory, the team gathers for the somber end to the day’s debacle. As the year draws to a close, the seniors will take their final bows on the court.

“They are one of a kind,” Blomquist said. “I’ve coached a lot of seniors who were always tired and never wanted to go to practice. Not them. These players are committed.”

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Stepping into CCS in full swing, Blomquist expects MV to secure the title across a majority of the matches. With a reputation to uphold and a higher level of readiness, the first game is expected to be the first victory.

The team will be playing its SCVAL singles on May 20th with its CCS finals match on May 29 and 30 at 3:00 p.m at Independence High School.


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