Beauty vlogger Heidi Mui of Datdatmuii

Vanessa Qin

People often say that you find your niche in high school through extracurriculars — DECA and FBLA, volunteer organizations, art, music, drama, sports. MVHS senior Heidi Mui found her niche in an global beauty community.

After moving to the states in her freshman year, Mui subscribed to various YouTube makeup gurus as a source of beauty inspiration. Mui decided in her sophomore year that she would start her own beauty channel senior year when the chaos of school becomes a little more forgiving, allowing more time to focus on her videos.

Instead of being like just another American beauty guru, Mui addresses the global community of YouTube by speaking in primarily cantonese in her videos. In less than half a year of being on YouTube, Mui has reached just over 1,000 subscribers on YouTube, accumulating over 24,000 total views on her videos.

Through her YouTube videos, subscribers and friends alike get to see a whole other side of Mui.

El Estoque:What types of videos do you do on your channel?

Heidi Mui: Mostly beauty stuff, but also vlogs and challenges.

EE: What equipment do you use to film?

HM: I started off with iMovie on my MacBook, but then I switched to Final Cut Pro X because there are more options and effects to choose from. For the camera, I use a Sony camera with a flip screen.

EE: How long does it take for you to film and edit a video?
HM: I upload videos once a week. It takes a full day to film, and about one or two nights to edit.

EE: How long have you been living here in the U.S?

HM: I moved here from Hong Kong my freshman year for high school, so for four years. I actually spent a little bit of my childhood here in the United States and Canada, but I was mainly in Hong Kong for studying.

EE: Who on YouTube do you currently watch?

HM: Glamlifeguru, Clothesencounters, Hana Tam, Iamkareno, Neat Freaks Diary.

EE: Do all of your friends and family, know about your YouTube channel?

HM: My parents don’t know about my YouTube channel, but my brother and my friends do.

EE: Do you plan to tell your parents about your channel?

HM: They’ll know soon, but I don’t think I’m ready to tell them because they don’t really know about my passion for makeup and [producing] video. I don’t want to surprise them without having some results with my channel first.

EE: Do you plan to pursue YouTube as a career?

HM: I’m planning to major in marketing [in college] because I’d enjoy being in the marketing team for a makeup company. Since I’m not too sure about having YouTube as a career, I want to go with a safer route first.