Tumblr famous

Kathleen Yuan

On Oct. 30, we sat down with “Tumblr famous” junior Rikki Lee to discuss her experiences as a well known Tumblr blogger.

El Estoque: Most Tumblr users regard being “Tumblr famous” as having several thousand followers. Do you consider that your own definition?

Rikki Lee: To me, being “Tumblr famous” isn’t a matter of numbers. It’s mainly how much you interact with the people on tumblr and how many people actually know you.

EE: So how did you become “Tumblr famous”?

RL: I actually never considered myself “Tumblr famous” … but before, I used to go on [Tumblr] every single day and talk to people. I actually made a few friends on Tumblr that would help me promote my blog … [however], I did [make] a few good friends on Tumblr. There’s a friend I met on Tumblr when I first made it, and we still [talk over] Facebook.

EE: There are a lot of different kinds of blogs on Tumblr. What would you classify your blog as?

RL: I think it’s more urban. I focus on a lot of modern things, like cities and interior design. … I guess I’m just more attracted to it because I grew up in [New York].

EE: How long have you been running your blog and why did you start blogging?

RL: Since eighth grade. This sounds really bad, but at first it was the “mainstream” thing to do, but I actually got really into it and Tumblr ended up being really meaningful to me. It’s like my baby.

EE: How much do you share about yourself on your blog?

RL: I don’t really talk about my personal life on my Tumblr anymore, but the most information I’d have on my Tumblr is in the “FAQ” and “about” sections.

EE: Do you have any other blogs?

RL: I tried making a personal blog — just one for me where I could reflect on my day and things like that. But that didn’t really work out because I ended up being more focused on my main blog. The reason why I wanted a personal blog was that too many people from school knew about my main blog, and [for my own privacy] I didn’t want people to know everything I did everyday.

Connect with Rikki:

Blog: ree-kee.tumblr.com
Number of followers: 5000+
Number of stored/unread messages: 500
Publish now or queue for later: Queue

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