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‘Iron Chef’ competition leads to sweet success

‘Iron Chef’ competition leads to sweet success

Anjali Bhat

December 8, 2013

Leadership’s Student Recognition commission hosted the Iron Chef cooking competition modeled after the famous Food Network show, on Dec. 8. If foods had several components, such as a filling or a garnish, teams were allowed to prepare at home, but assembly and presentation of the final dish had to...

Tumblr famous

Kathleen Yuan

November 20, 2013

On Oct. 30, we sat down with "Tumblr famous" junior Rikki Lee to discuss her experiences as a well known Tumblr blogger. El Estoque: Most Tumblr users regard being “Tumblr famous” as having several thousand followers. Do you consider that your own definition? Rikki Lee: To me, being “Tum...