VIDEO: Homecoming rally held Oct. 12


Yashashree Pisolkar

Classes compete against each other in the biggest Homecoming event

Homecoming Rally 2012 from El Estoque on Vimeo.

On Oct. 12, the 2012 Homecoming rally festivities commenced with the themes Alice in Wonderland representing the freshman class, Peter Pan for the sophomore class, Aladdin for the juniors and Lion King for the seniors. The seniors took first place by one point over the juniors, but all classes united to show Matador pride with the new tradition of Mr. and Ms. Matador. Junior Anjali Bhat took the title of Ms. Matador and sophomore Nolan Hertado won Mr. Matador. The seniors won the rally while juniors came in second. The sophomores and freshmen came in third and fourth respectively.