Bringing back the bike racks

Smitha Gundavajhala

As construction took over MVHS, students had to make changes of their own to accommodate the breakneck pace at which construction proceeded, which allowed the field to be completed in time for 2012’s graduation. Now that field construction is over, itís time to consider students’ needs.

Itís time to bring back the bike racks.

The sole entrance to the bike racks was chaotic, with 300 bikes cramming into one opening. For almost a year, bikers adjusted to the construction. Now that construction is nearly over, the administration is considering action on the bike racks.

And as long as changes will be made, we should consider restructuring the bike racks to solve problems pointed out by senior Chanel Zhan. Even with the remaining entrances opened up, the bike racks are spaced too closely together, and the cage does not provide as much security as a retaining wall. These changes need to be made for the students.

Only this time, instead of leaving bikers in the lurch, we should consider alternatives to the bike racks while construction is taking place. Whatever we do, we must consider the students’ needs during all the projects MVHS takes on in the future — not only when it is convenient.