Brick by brick


Angela Liu

Even something as ordinary as a brick can be valuable if the money goes to a good cause. Illustration by Angela Liu.


For the especially low price of $125 (or $200 for per larger brick) one can get their very own customized MVHS brick. It sounds like the deal of a lifetime.

From a logical standpoint, though, it makes no sense to spend $125 on a brick when one could be spending that money on, for instance, 250 tacos from Jack in the Box. But when the money goes to supporting the school, buying bricks becomes a whole other story. For every brick sold, the school gets cash to spend on general improvement for the school. During these tough economic times, any source of money can greatly help MVHS continue to thrive. Buying one will forever etch one’s legacy into MVHS. Although the concept is strange, the idea behind it is solid.

Construction of the new fields opened up this opportunity to sell bricks. Since selling bricks are a source of extra revenue for MVHS, admin decided to go along with the idea.

Still, getting a brick as a birthday present probably isn’t the greatest gift. The advertisement for the brick states that “personalized bricks make great permanent gifts and are a great way to recognize families, student or alumni and to show your Matador Pride.” The problem here is viewing the bricks as gifts. Bricks, even personalized ones, do not bring happiness to the owner by themselves.

The thing is, the bricks aren’t gifts. They’re donations to the school. When parents buy bricks for their kids, they aren’t giving their kids bricks as graduation presents. Rather, they are thanking the school for providing education while, at the same time, leaving something permanent behind to celebrate the student’s academic triumph at MVHS.

The bricks allow alumni to show their support for MVHS as well. Sure, alumni can visit, donate money and do a multitude of other things to help out, but after ten or so years, most would forget that so-and-so donated this many dollars to whichever program. The bricks, then, are a good deal for alumni wishing to be recognized for their support permanently. One payment and then MVHS carves their words right into the campus floor.

Despite the relative bizarreness of selling bricks for over $100, the money goes to a good cause. It is better to be recognized for donating than to be forgotten. And by purchasing a brick, you’ll forever be a part of the school.