An environment for medicine

An environment for medicine

Patrick Xie

Medical related clubs and programs are becoming easier to find


With a variety of different clubs, from the robotics team to business-oriented organizations, MVHS offers a myriad of different opportunities. But of those choices, medical programs and clubs make up a good portion .

One club on campus, Future Physicians of America, allows students to gain a better understanding of how the medical field works and get involved in something medical related while still in high school.

"There are some things you can't figure out through just learning biology," FPA president senior Dewal Gupta said. "This club will hopefully open some eyes and see if being a doctor is really what they want."
Almost the whole room is filled for the Future Physicians of America meeting. Many clubs and programs allow students to pursue medical interests. Photo by Patrick Xie.
FPA provides a learning opportunity that lets students get their feet wet in a medical career. Students use these opportunities as a stepping stone to further pursue their interests.

In addition to clubs, out of school programs like the Medical Explorers Post #63 are easily accessible. The Medical Explorers Post #63 has been up and running for the past 40 years and caters to the medical pursuits of students. This program has speakers come twice a month. Each month they also go to a work site in medicine to see what it looks like.

"The main purpose is to give high school students an idea of what the career looks like," Medical Explorer Post #63 supervisor Harry Hartzell said. “If you are interested in medicine you can come to our post and see various medical experiences and it helps you know if its something you really want to do."

Working within the confines of a hospital is an alternate route and is a way for students to get the real world experience for a medical career.

"It gave me experience working in a hospital," senior Brandon Tran said. "I get to see what goes on and how things are done."

MVHS provides a gateway for students to get their first step into a medical career through all the different choices of medical programs and clubs.