Club reaches across ocean

Club reaches across ocean

Jacqueline Barr

 Matadors on the Home Front extend their drive another week



Matadors on the Home Front is looking for supplies that can be sent in care packages to newly settled soldiers in Afghanistan. 

Due to AP testing stealing the show and leaving publicity at a minimum, the club extended their supplies drive for another week. They are now planning to end it on May 21, according to president senior Tiffany Chang.A picture of the last platoon adopted by Matadors on the Home Front. These soldiers have since gone home and the club is now serving the 82nd Company, of the 101st Airborne Division.  Photo courtesy of Tiffany Chang.

"We are accepting canned food, games, toothbrushes and toiletries," senior Frances Jih said. "Basically anything that is not chocolate."

Boxes are set up in third period classrooms and are checked by club officers and Global Commission of Community Leadership weekly.  The unusual pairing was initiated by Matadors on the Home Front at the suggestion of history teacher Maria Carter-Giannini.

Point values are allotted to specific items and the winners will be announced on the week of May 24.  First place will win a pizza party, second a donut party and third place will receive candy.

Matadors on the Home Front is also holding a fundraiser on May 14 and May 15 all day at Red Mango to help pay for the costs of supplies and shipping. 

For more information on items and their point values, please click here.