We are the champions

We are the champions

Sara Yang

Nine weeks of carbon reduction culminates with MVHS on top


In addition to DECA medals, dance team trophies and National Blue Ribbon awards, MVHS has a new accomplishment to add to its collection — Go Green champions.

Organized by ASB Leadership’s Campus Commission, the Go Green Foundation’s Spare Our Planet contest, launched on March 1, came to a close on April 29.  MVHS became champions of the district-wide contest after almost ten weeks of participation; students reduced energy consumption by 21378.6 pounds of carbon dioxide  the equivalent of saving 2.4 football field size sections of the Amazon rainforest.  Designed to encourage students to reduce carbon emissions, weekly emails from the foundation prompted participants to record their daily methods of getting to school.

"The point of the competition [was] to raise more awareness on global warming and the effects of the carbon dioxide emissions," Campus Commission lead senior Frances Jih said.


Go Green founders Martin Gutierrez and his children, sophomores Catalina and Trevor, visited the ASB Leadership class on April 29 for a congratulatory presentation.  Campus commission accepted the first-place trophy the following day.

To learn more about the Go Green foundation, visit www.gogreenfoundation.com.