The results are in!

The results are in!

Julian Laguisma


A variety of tactics were used to increase voter count in last week’s class officer election




Did you think that all those freshmen with “I voted” stickers were too young to actually vote? Well, think again. With class elections this past week, ASB-elect did its part to encourage as many students as possible to vote.

“It is, after all, something that this country was founded on,” ASB President-elect junior Daniel Ki said.

Their efforts included an Otter-Pop award for the class with the highest participation, laptops placed in the middle of the rally court to provide easy access to the voting website, as well as the “I voted” stickers.  Class of 2011 ended up winning the participation contest with a voter participation of 67.94%, edging out runner-up Class of 2013’s 67.45% by a mere .49%.

In addition, ASB-elect and class officer candidates promoted the election in their STAR testing rooms during the break between tests on Wednesday and ASB-elect attempted to hold a candidate forum during lunch on April 20. However the forum was unsuccessful due to the rainy weather.

Despite this setback, Ki observed an increase in voter participation.  According to Ki, ASB elections this year experienced 40 % participation.  This is a major difference between the class officer elections this year, which experienced an average participation of 65%.


However, according to Ki, the huge difference between the voter participations of the two elections may not have been just due to ASB-elect’s tactics.  Historically, the tendency observed has been that class officer elections enjoy more voter participation than ASB elections, and this year was no exception.  However, we can still take comfort in the fact that we Monta Vista students have a higher voting percentage than the US.