Outmaneuvering the Trojans

Outmaneuvering the Trojans

Jacqueline Barr

Girls basketball beats  Milpitas High School Trojans and advances to the next round of CCS 

Keeping them in the race for the title of CCS champions, the ninth-seeded girls varsity basketball team beat the Milpitas High School Trojans 50-39 on Feb. 24.

Three shots by senior Victoria Lee and a series of freethrow shots by the Matadors earned the team a solid lead by the end of the first quarter with a score of 15-6. 

Top scorer for the game, senior Victoria Lee makes another shot. Photo by Jackie Barr.

The Matador players’ height gave them an advantage over the slightly shorter Trojans. The ladies strategically passed over the defense’s head, easily connecting more passes to maintain their six point spread  of 21-12 during the second period.

Coming out of half time, the lady Matadors looked ready to seal the deal. With a three-pointer by senior Amy Lin and some strong lay-ups from the rest of the team, the girls widened the point gap to 34-20. During the fourth quarter, Milpitas rallied one last offensive push. In a game that appeared to be finished, key Trojan player sophomore Joann Chau made three successive three-pointers. Riled by this comeback, the lady Matadors quickly changed their strategy. 
"We knew we had to stop her from shooting so we started talking saying things like ‘watch 13’" junior Alex Chiu said. 
Although the girls gave up many lay-up opportunities, they still managed to rally enough points to maintain their lead.
A fourth period breakaway by senior Amy Lin carried the ball down the court. Shooting, she missed her lay-up but a quick shot off the rebound by Chiu gave a representative sample of their fluidity during the Tuesday game. The Trojans gave the girls a scare, but failed to gather the points needed to win. 
The Matadors will advance to the next round of CCS on Feb. 26 at Mount Pleasant High School.