His name lives on

His name lives on

Sara Yang

Drama department helps class of 2007 alumnus Andrew Segal’s memory live on




In March  of 2009, the school community was hit by the tragic loss of class of 2007 alumnus Andrew Segal.  But his passion for drama during his high school career became his legacy at the recent drama showcase.
Auditions for the recently created Andrew Segal Memorial Scholarship, organized by drama department advisor Holly Cornelison and the parents of the late Segal, took place at the drama showcase on Feb. 5.

Senior Jarryd Alfaro won the Andrew Segal Memorial Scholarship at the Feb. 5 drama showcase.  Photo by Sara Yang.

"We had been talking about the scholarship since [he passed away last March], but now we’re… ready to honor him," Cornelison said.
Designed to aid students sharing Segal’s passion for theater, applicants performed a monologue or song for their audition.  The scholarship was restricted to graduating FUHSD seniors planning to pursue drama in college and therefore drew a relatively small pool of applicants.
"The criteria is fairly specific because that’s who Andrew was, that’s what he loved… He was deeply involved in theater.  I mean, [the Black Box] was where he was all the time," Cornelison said.  "He was also really funny. That, combined with the fact that he loved theater, he loved this Black Box and this was where he loved to be, we just thought it would be a fitting combo [to hold auditions at this event]."

Senior Jarryd Alfaro won the scholarship with a monologue from the musical, "Spring Awakening."
"It was a great honor to be able to take the scholarship in his name… like we’re connected even more," Alfaro said.  "I mean, that’s pretty much it.  It’s an honor."

For Alfaro, who joined the drama deparment in his freshman year, drama felt like "having an extended family."  He plans to major in theater in college, and aspires to become a professional actor.  Yet, without Segal’s influence, Alfaro may not have made it to where he is today.
"Before I was a freshman, I was in orchestra, I played violin and I was… shy," Alfaro said.  "But [Segal] was so outgoing and he really accepted everyone.  He [inspired] me to continue acting."