The gift of voices

The gift of voices

Tiffany Lau

Variations’ surprise caroling fills the rally court

Right after the lunch bell rang on Dec. 11, students were still walking out of their classrooms. But one group of students in matching grey sweatshirts were already standing in two perfect rows on the rally court steps. They all had one common talent: singing.

After a few seconds of introduction, the group was revealed to be none other than Variations. As a crowd began to form around them, Variations let out hearty harmonies into the cold and dreary day becoming ASB Leadership’s Student Academics gift to the student body for the holidays.
"It’s the week before finals, so we wanted everyone to get a little more holiday spirit," Student Academics lead commissioner senior Yasmine Kotturi said. "I think that [our school] overlooks that when it comes school."
The Student Academics Commission began planning four weeks ago, but intensive planning only occurred two weeks ago. Not only did they organize the secret Christmas caroling, but they also organized Kindness Week, SAT flashcards and the annual Spelling Bee. But for this event, the commission wanted to keep the student body from knowing what was going to happen.
"I didn’t even know about it until about a week ago," Dean of Students Michael Hicks said. "This was totally Student Academics idea."
The commission’s goal was to surprise students and get them warmed up before the break, giving students an opportunity to relax before final exams. The Student Academics Commission and Variations are sprinkling a little holiday joy or, in this case, a priceless stress reliever.