Clash of ages

Clash of ages

Patrick Mi

Heading into the preseason, varsity boys basketball faces off against alumni


Some new, some old, and some even older faces graced the gym on the night of 11/27/09. The varsity boys alumni game, an epic clash between old and new generations, took place after the varsity girls alumni game. Graduated players from classes as early as 2001 faced off against players from classes as early as 2012 in a fast-paced basketball game.

The current varsity team kicked the game off smoothly. A sly pass by junior Ryan Michelfelder was converted to a buttery smooth layup by senior Kevin Wu. The score remained close throughout the first few minutes, but the current varsity team began to pull ahead.

The younger varsity players played cautiously, fearing judgment by their older peers. 


"I feel like I have to prove myself to them because they’re so much older than me and they went to MVHS," sophomore Andrew Hsu said. "I have to prove that I can play varsity."

Their fear was justified. Many of the alumni were taking mental notes, using their experience to strategize while playing this year’s team.  The reunion allowed players from previous years to assess the strength of this year’s team. 

"[The varsity boys] are a really strong team, really strong," class of 2002 graduate James Mitchell said. "When I was a senior we only won a few games so [they play] above the caliber since I played."

Throughout the game, perfectly placed passes and well-run plays helped the varsity boys’ lead grow stronger. Quick drives propelled their offense, while some rusty misplaced shots by the alumni kept them behind.

The varsity boys run liners in preparation for the upcoming season. Photo by Patrick Mi

The current varsity team pulled through, winning with a large lead 48-35. As a preview for the upcoming season, the alumni game helped display strength and potential for the varsity team to do well. With lots of time to work, their first league game is against Mountain View, on Jan. 6.