Where crime meets dance

Minh Bui

While some students adjusted to the new dance policy, others found themselves hit by a smooth criminal 

Students at the recent Homecoming Dance came in expecting tighter dance regulations. They didn’t, however expect thievery.
Students found that holes in security led to thefts of personal belongings at the last Homecoming Dance. Photo illustration by Minh Bui
Senior Michael Wu, like many other students, usually keeps his belongings underneath the gym bleachers during dances. He behaved no differently this time, leaving his vest in this position at the beginning of the dance. However, at the end of the night he was surprised to find vest overturned and his belongings scattered in the open.

"When i went to grab my stuff, [the vest] was flipped over and my phone was visible and my iPod Nano was gone," Wu said.

Junior Samantha Wang shared a similar experience to Wu’s. She left her purse in between the steps on the bleachers and discovered that her wallet was missing at the end of the dance. She managed to retrieve it a few days later with most of the contents remaining, but found that $5 was missing.

The victims offered advice for students and the administration regarding protecting student’s belongings in the future.
"They should have an area [for leaving your things]. At HHS for their junior prom they had a room secured for just putting your stuff," Wu said, "[otherwise] a lot of people can just flip over your stuff and take your stuff."

"I personally am going to avoid bringing a purse or wallet to dances at all because putting it down is too risky," Wang said.