Changing track

Julian Laguisma


Measure B funds allow MVHS to renovate classrooms and field



The tentative plans for the outlay of Measure B funds include new upper and lower field as well as a new track. Construction is set to start the day after graduation this school year. Photo courtesy of the FUHSD


On June 3 2008, voters approved Measure B for the Fremont Union High School District, "providing all five FUHSD schools with $198 million in bonds.  The money will be use, according to the measure’s ballot language, for "upgrad[ing] classroom [technology]… building classrooms… [and] improving physical education and athletic facilities" among other improvements.
Construction has started at both Fremont and Homestead High Schools, while other schools, such as MVHS, are still deciding on where to allocate their money.
"When [Measure B] passed, there was an idea that it should go to tracks and fields and things of that nature," Assistant Principal Michael Hicks said.
With MVHS’ football team playing home games at Cupertino High School and the track team practicing at De Anza College, the majority of the funds will be spent on athletic facilities.  In addition to improving the track and field, Measure B funds will also be used to upgrade school technology.
The administration is planning to install overhead projectors in every classroom.  Hicks said that while some classrooms, such as those in the A building and parts of the D building, already have these projectors, in other classrooms teachers are forced to use projectors in carts that also need to be plugged in, creating hazard environements with wires everywhere.
In addition, there is also a plan to use the funds to install an electronic marquis, like the ones seen at Palo Alto High School and Fremont High School, to replace the current sign at the school entrance.  Hicks also said that an entirely new building would be built, as MVHS desperately needs more space for additional classes.
However, the administration does not predict any of these changes will happen any time soon.  Although the retrofitting of rooms with overhead projectors is now underway, there is no definite deadline as to when it will be finished.  As for the other plans, there are still ongoing debates on where the money for the track and football field will be focused.
Principal April Scott, along with the district, is in the process of making the final decision.  "It’s not really one person: its numerous ongoing and ever changing conversations" Hicks said.  "When you do big changes you want to make sure they’re the right move.  You want to make sure whatever you decide to do is the best for the long haul."
The chances the upgrades will be finished in the near future are slim.  The district has to manage staggered construction within several schools, and MVHS is still in the process of planning.
Meanwhile, students are having bittersweet feelings about the upgrades.  "I’m glad the school is upgrading," senior Ryan Ramos said, "but I’m dissapointed that I won’t be around to see the results."