School teams compete in Fall Sports Rally

School teams compete in Fall Sports Rally

Anthony Chen

Players from fall sports play dodgeball in the gym.

Is one sport really better than another? On Dec. 11, the Student Recognition Commission held their annual fall sports rally in the gym during lunch. Unlike the traditional school rallies, this event consisted of members of various sports teams competing for dominance over one another in several rounds of team vs. team dodgeball.


Prior to the first game of dodgeball played on December 11, members of the football team stand behind the baseline, discussing their strategy. Photo by Anthony Chen

Lasting approximately 35 minutes altogether, the rally consisted of members from football, boys water polo, field hockey, girls tennis, girls volleyball, and cross country.

“It’s nice to see all these kids out here competing,” Dean of Students Michael Hicks said.

In the final match, cross country and girls volleyball—neither of which had lost a single match—faced off. Although cross country's well-placed throws gained them the upper hand early in the game, girls volleyball eventually regained their ground in the last 30 seconds and continued on to emerge victorious.

Encouraging friendly competition between various teams, the fall sports rally was a great source of pride to many athletes.

“It was very exciting,” sophomore girls volleyball player Lucia Lin said. “Volleyball won and I got to be a part of it!”

Because of its new location, this year’s fall sports rally did not attract as many spectators this year as it did the previous years. Originally held in the rally court, the rally was held in the gym because the gym’s timer could accurately keep time during games.

“For the amount of publicity this event received,” Dean of Students Denae Moore said. “A decent amount of people showed up.” Moore predicts that the spring sports rally will attract a greater amount of spectators.