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Give and Take

Trisha Kholiya


There are so many forms of charity that it is hard to keep track of them all: volunteer work, monetary donations, gifting packages of food and clothing. It is even harder to keep track of some of our reasons for these actions, as high school students: why do we do charity work — is it truly to help others, or do we simply want to polish our resumes and college applications?

For many, doing charity may result from a mix of sentiments and motivations. But charity goes beyond the events of service clubs and local soup kitchens, the fundraisers of organizations both large and small. Charity is usually defined as any voluntary act of goodness or help towards those less fortunate than ourselves. But with the added benefits of impressing colleges, meeting graduation requirements for schools and feeling better about ourselves, the voluntary aspects of charity have steadily declined.

Who is charity really for?
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