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Bringing back Winter Formal

Bringing back Winter Formal

Claire Wen

January 28, 2019

Scrolling through Instagram the days leading up to Jan. 18, MVHS students could see a bombardment of posts about MVHS’s Winter Formal from leadership students’ and MVHS class accounts. Promotion for the upcoming dance filled people’s feeds, along with posts from the Instagram photo challenge l...

Man on the street: MVHS dance culture

Man on the street: MVHS dance culture

Roshan Fernandez

January 31, 2017

Additional reporting Avni Prasad and Kalpana Gopalkrishnan eading up to an MVHS dance, there is always a constant buzz that flows throughout the campus. Students spend hours creating clever posters with name-related puns, going shopping for new dresses, and picking out flowers to impress a potential dat...

Borderlands: Two dancers practice stunt-work near cafeteria

Borderlands:  Two dancers practice stunt-work near cafeteria

Mingjie Zhong

January 21, 2016

via GIPHY The light of the day has already faded to a stark indigo, but the two boys still remain at school — not in any classroom, not on the fields and not in the dance studio. Instead, they practice their flips and parkour on the concrete outside the cafeteria, running and flying through...

Art Club shares talents through making Winter Formal posters

Art Club treasurer sophomore Patrick Zhou works diligently on finishing a Winter Formal poster after school on Tuesday, Jan. 20, in the MVHS Library. The poster-making project has built a stronger sense of community and fostered member bonding within Art Club. Photo by Mingjie Zhong.

Mingjie Zhong

January 23, 2015

Glossy blue and gold scraps of paper, glue sticks and scissors lay scattered across a MVHS library table after school on Tuesday, Jan. 20. Several leftover cut-outs of thin paper letters sit in a heap by the side of a decorative blue poster. Two Art Club officers bend over the poster, gluing a few straggling letters on to convey a cus...