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There’s no $ in team

Carissa Chan

February 1, 2012

For students who are part of MVHS Government Team, there are no formal assessments or exams, save for one short quiz at the beginning of the year. There are only competitions — local, state and national. For most high school Gov teams, the most prestigious competition is the annual program called We t...

Gov Team attends regional competition Dec. 5

Gov Team attends regional competition Dec. 5

Kevin Tsukii

December 5, 2011

On Dec. 5, Gov Team members travelled to the Offices of the Santa Clara County Board of Education to participate in We The People’s regional competition. We the People, the organization from which all Gov Team chapters stem from, hosted MVHS, Irvington High School, Amador Valley High School, Yerba Buena High School and Foothill High School. Members presen...