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STAR testing breach reveals students’ misuse of social media

Within the past week, there have been several incidents of students posting photos of STAR tests on Instagram. As a result, many students are angered at the prospect of a voided API score and the jeopardization of MVHS’s reputation caused by photos of STAR tests posted on Instagram. Source: Stock.xchng.

Eva Spitzen

April 11, 2013

Many students have expressed outrage in response to photos posted of the STAR test on Instagram, which breached STAR test policies. These incidents could jeopardize MVHS’s API score and possibly put the school at risk for other consequences, which are to be decided by state STAR administrators. Although indignation directed toward the few perpetrators is not totally unwarranted,the brea...

Testing breach instigates concern for consequences school may face

The 2012-2013 STAR Test Security Affidavit provides guidelines for how the examination should be administered. This week, a few MVHS students posted photographs of testing materials online, violating protocol. Source: Startest.org

Amrutha Dorai

April 11, 2013

STAR testing documents posted online could affect exam score release date, eligibility for school awards. Read More »...