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COVID-19’s impact on college life

Ligier says she misses her teammates very much, and they continue to FaceTime nearly everyday.

Stuti Upadhyay

April 6, 2020

Exploring the impacts of online learning on college students and their college experience

Catching Up With Leo

Catching Up With Leo

Elena Khan and Justine Ha

April 12, 2019

n Mar. 12, Leo Club hosted their bi-monthly meeting and announced upcoming events that the club will participate in: officer applications, new events and the boba fundraiser. This month, officers talked about one of the biggest events of the year: Ride4Diabetes. This event is a cycling course built...

The meaning of Ohana

Paraeducator Eli Yamauchi attends the Ohana meeting in room C210.

Swara Tewari

February 1, 2018

The students packed into room C210 put their heads down on their desks, trying not to peek. They were playing Heads Up Seven Up, one of the activities planned for the Ohana meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 24. The club, whose mission is to help spark friendships between special needs students and the pe...

A Case for Ethnic Studies

A Case for Ethnic Studies

Tal Marom

February 7, 2016

ith the news that a new class will be added to the curriculum, we could ponder the classes we want: psychology, sociology, perhaps even a home economics class. But when thinking of classes we need on campus, ethnic studies comes to mind. We already have relatively liberal history classes in the c...

Too young for social networking

Too young for social networking

Christophe Haubursin

February 9, 2012

Before there was Google+, before there was Facebook, even before there was MySpace, there was another social network for all of us to check into early each morning: the playground. It was a community of voices with the best of what the Internet gives us now — it had the circles, the...