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Community service: Lessons learned

Community service: Lessons learned

Yuna Lee

December 19, 2013

Volunteering experiences teach students lessons they could not have learned elsewhere. Read More »...

Community service: Three different perspectives on the value

Senior Alexa Suarez shares her view on community service. Suarez denounces the plethora of donation schemes plaguing generous donors.

Pranav Parthasarathy

December 8, 2013

As president of MVHS Red Cross, senior Vivian Chan believes community service has had a profound impact on not only her local community, but also herself. "Health and safety, disaster, international [assistance and education], service to the armed forces and blood," Chan said when asked about the...

Community service: MV Leo Club collaborates with De Anza Lions to hold food drive

Athira Penghat

December 4, 2013

At around noon, an old lady walked out of the Lucky’s in Saratoga on Nov. 24 with a cart of groceries. Instead of heading home, she stopped by the De Anza Lions food drive and donated several canned vegetables and a fat turkey. When asked why she donated, she replied, “I was once a person on the...