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Sadie Hawkins dance: your only chance to ask a guy out…ever

These empowered 1950s ladies are ready to put their pea-sized brains to use and ask their boys to the Sadie Hawkins dance! While wearing pants, too! The most scandalous event of the 21st century, for sure.

Kristin Chang

February 26, 2014

Get ready, ladies: your day of autonomy is right around the corner. [dropcap1]F[/dropcap1]ebruary 28. The one day where the earth revolves around the moon, the sun sets at 8 a.m. and everyone tosses their homework into a woodchipper. That’s right, say goodbye to the world as you know and ...

PHOTO ESSAY: The Circus costumes

PHOTO ESSAY: The Circus costumes

Aafreen Mahmood

March 9, 2009

Students show up at this year's Sadies Hawkins dance ready to put on the best kind of show. Read More »...