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Boys Tennis: Matadors defeat Sacred Heart High School 5-2

Senior Jonathan Yao serves against Sacred Heart on April 8th. While Yao’s doubles team with Vinay Reddy would go on to lose the set and the match, Monta Vista managed to seize the series 5-2. Photo by Pranav Parthasarathy
April 20, 2014

[table class="table_white"]Team (Monta Vista), Team (Sacred Heart), Score Matt Cheung, Cameron Kirkpatrick, 1-6 0-6 SC Amit Batta, Justin Foster, 5-4 7-6 MV Saxon Day, Will Ratchey, 6-1 6-0 MV Aditya...

Combs moves to Sacred Heart Preparatory

Combs moves to Sacred Heart Preparatory
July 13, 2011

Switching from public to private, getting back to her roots “I’m going to go home and sleep some more... See ya.” English teacher Diana Combs called out to fellow English teacher David Clarke,...

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