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Q&A with my mom

Yosemite, 2012

Andie Liu

May 21, 2020

Asking my mother about herself during quarantine

Math Department: Q&A with Geometry and Algebra 2 teacher Josh Kuo

Math Department: Q&A with Geometry and Algebra 2 teacher Josh Kuo

Ria Kolli

September 15, 2017

uring tutorial, students gather around tables in D202 to discuss their homework. Off to the side is Algebra 2 and Geometry teacher Josh Kuo, sitting at his desk ready to answer questions. Despite the chatter throughout the room, Kuo manages to walk a student through the step-by-step process of solvi...

Called up to the front office

Called up to the front office

Roshan Fernandez

October 19, 2016

Co-authored by Anthony Moll. or our monthly issue, we sat down and talked to the most recent addition on the MVHS administrative team, Michael Martinez. Although he is always rocking a collared shirt and tie on any given day of the week, with a smile to match it, this wasn’t always the case for...

Last words: Seniors reflect on their hopes and regrets in high school

Photo by Mingjie Zhong

Elizabeth Han

June 6, 2016

Co-reported by Mingjie Zhong and Grace Zhou June 3, 2016. 97 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s a hot and sticky morning under a vivid blue sky. Hundreds of seniors swelter in robes of purple and white, each surrounded by peers and memories from the last four years. For the seniors and audience alike, th...

Q&A: Holiday Week’s Pajama Day

Photo used with permission of Alina Abidi

Daniel Lin

December 2, 2015

ith Holiday Week in full swing, students and teachers wore their pajamas to school on Dec. 1 after clambering out of their beds, either unwilling to change into their regular clothes or simply in spirit of the holidays. Assistant Principal Mike White, sophomore Mikaela Lee and freshman Bryce Nevitt were a...