El Estoque

A closer look: On the walls of Clarke’s classroom

A broken Elvis clock is one of the many objects on Clarke’s classroom walls. Photo by Amita Mahajan.

Amita Mahajan

October 26, 2015

rossword-puzzles, collages, Elvis. These three seemingly unrelated objects carry a single similarity — they take the forms of clocks in English teacher David Clarke’s classroom. The total number of timers ticks at 11. Yet many of these devices go unnoticed on a first visit to his class as they are surr...

Art Club shares talents through making Winter Formal posters

Art Club treasurer sophomore Patrick Zhou works diligently on finishing a Winter Formal poster after school on Tuesday, Jan. 20, in the MVHS Library. The poster-making project has built a stronger sense of community and fostered member bonding within Art Club. Photo by Mingjie Zhong.

Mingjie Zhong

January 23, 2015

Glossy blue and gold scraps of paper, glue sticks and scissors lay scattered across a MVHS library table after school on Tuesday, Jan. 20. Several leftover cut-outs of thin paper letters sit in a heap by the side of a decorative blue poster. Two Art Club officers bend over the poster, gluing a few straggling letters on to convey a cus...