El Estoque

Lets get it popping

Let’s get it popping

Tiffany Lau January 20, 2010

After its one year anniversary, breakdancing club B-boy Stance remains unknown to the student body The only "breaking" MVHS knows is the breaking news of a "B" on a test. Breakdancing,...

Cookies, brownies and everything sweet

Cookies, brownies and everything sweet

Ingrid Chang November 19, 2008

Baking club's fourth bake sale participated in the Great American Bake Sale program on Nov. 8There was an abundant amount of baked goods on the table as Saturday grocery shoppers looked at the table....

Saving Pennies

Saving Pennies

Serena Lee October 22, 2008

When the economy heads south, every cent counts.Sophomore Annie Lanter texts as much as possible, taking advantage of her unlimited texting plan to save money.When Christmas arrives this year, sophomore...

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