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Faculty pilots ‘Take 10 Deep Breaths’ activity

English teacher Matt Brashear’s Mythology and Folklore students participate in the newly introduced breathing exercise on May 2. Faculty hopes that the pilot week will reveal positive results as students evaluate the merits of meditation as a form of stress relief. Photo by Ambika Dubey.

Yashashree Pisolkar

May 5, 2014

Teachers encourage students to participate in breathing exercise during the week of April 27 to promote stress management. Read More »...

Junior Samantha Shieh wins California Association for Teachers of English contest

Harini Shyamsundar

March 2, 2014

Student wins first in state in CATE creative writing contest with a story response to the prompt, “Pass it on.” Read More »...

Technological Teaching

Technological Teaching

Maya Murthy

October 27, 2013

Three teachers comment on their experiences with their online Facebook groups. Read More »

Intramural Dodgeball Nov. 22: Teachers vs. students

Intramural Dodgeball Nov. 22: Teachers vs. students

Amrutha Dorai

November 29, 2011

Intramural Dodgeball Nov. 22: Teachers vs. students from El Estoque on Vimeo. On Nov. 22, the winners of the student dodgeball tournament took on the teacher team in a final game. The student team, Los Gauchos, won 3-2. Both teams expressed their enjoyment of the good-natured game. Correction: The date in the video is wrong. The correct date is Nov. 22. ...

Teaching to the TECH

SHARING KNOWLEDGE: After seeing his students’ growing interest in Prezi, English teacher Matt Brashears teaches his Mythology and Folklore students how to use the software on Sept. 12.  Photo by Kevin Tsukii

Aafreen Mahmood

September 21, 2011

When Government and Economics teacher Eric Otto opens his e-mail, he always sees a separate folder designated for parent e-mails that has been growing for the past six years of his teaching. The parents  all expressed disbelief in their childís engagement in a subject that they initially thought would...

15 Days of Fame: The soldier’s son

15 Days of Fame: The soldier's son

Jiyoon Park

September 12, 2010

English teacher Matt Brashears describes the impact of his father's job on his life Read More »...

Think you are good at faces?

Think you are good at faces?

Laura Yang

September 11, 2010

Try your luck at guessing the face behind the cream   Read More »...