El Estoque

Budding musicians

Junior Jacob Vrabel began learning to play the guitar over the summer with help from his parents, as his dad has played guitar for 15 years, and his mom has played since she was young.

Claire Wen

September 25, 2020

Students share about learning new musical instruments during quarantine

A learning experience: the story of our friendship

A learning experience: the story of our friendship

Tanish Mendki and Jefferson Le

December 15, 2019

A recap of everything that makes our friendship memorable

Finding passion early on

Finding passion early on

Neysa Singh, Staff Writer

October 27, 2019

P classes. Summer programs. Clubs. All of the things we do to prepare for the next phase of our lives. The process is designed to help students identify their passion, the one they choose to pursue for the rest of their lives. However, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, about...

Fixating on grade updates defeats the purpose of online portals

Fixating on grade updates defeats the purpose of online portals

Flora Peng

January 23, 2019

Weeks after the conclusion of the first semester, students are now setting their expectant eyes toward the blessed horizon of summer vacation. Their hopes are high for a successful semester, prompted by a fresh start to the gradebook and the promise of a week-long break between every grading period. ...

The learning never stops

The learning never stops

Jai Uparkar

August 23, 2017

he bell rings, signaling the beginning of Jessica Zahn’s French 3 class. Her students file in, their murmurs filling the room. Walking into room B212 is Math teacher Jon Stark, having used one of his prep periods for his class with Ms. Zahn. He’s taken her class for his language-learning journey t...

Math department receives new TI-84’s

20 new TI-84 Pluses on their docks, ready for use

Daniel Lin

March 22, 2016

t isn’t often that the math department receives unused funds which can be used to better the learning experiences of students alike. But when it does happen, the extra funds go a long way towards improving education for students. Last year, math teacher Sushma Bana acquired 20 new TI-84 Plus C Si...